Fit before and after pregnancy (

Are you pregnant or is your baby already here and you are wondering which training is best for you? For I have put together the top 10 tips for your fitness training during and after your pregnancy. Here is the article

Figure training (healthy & fit magazine, October 2019)

Buttocks plumper, stomach flatter, legs firmer and arms slimmer – if you want to achieve these body goals as quickly as possible, you should rely on a mix of high intensity and strength training. Fitness blogger Sara Dadic already swears by it. The workout was put together by personal trainer Alfredo Scarlata. With a mixture […]

Movement in everyday life. Fitness tips from the pros. (Drei Magazine)

Press article: “No time” – the classic in the excuse repertoire of a couch potato. And there are enough of them in this country: According to studies, every third person does not do any sport and moves too little. An absolute no-go for fitness professional Alfredo Scarlata: “Exercise is the basis of our health – […]