Online Training

Online Training

Stay fit and healthy with online personal training

Thanks to technological advances in recent years, personal training can now be successfully and effectively provided online. Online coaching will soon be THE solution for busy and traveling people, while the traditional 1-to-1 training course still provides the best support.

Online fitness training is an effective way to achieve training effects similar to those of classic training.

No matter where you are – in your hotel suite, in your office or at home – online coaching delivers effective training and coaching wherever you are.

Online Training Sessions Saves you Costs

People are usually interested in attending my online fitness training as they need not personally travel to my training facility and don’t have to pay the required fee in my training facility. You also don’t have to look for a parking spot when driving to my training facility with your car.

Key facts of online personal training:
  • Individual or group training
  • Individually tailored to the level
  • Coaching and supervision via HD camera
  • With individual home (office) training
  • On holiday
  • In the event of illness
  • For individual acute needs

  • Online coaching saves a lot of time and costs:

One of the advantages of online personal training is that it saves you the time to travel to the training location. You not only save valuable time here, but also money. In addition, you save yourself the cost of club membership.

  • The program will be adjusted according to your wishes:

You will surely have found online coaching on several other websites. However, these training units are not specially designed for you. These online programs are intended for everyone and therefore are definitely not suitable for you.

  • Content of the online coaching:

The content of the online training is tailored to your needs and wishes. If you want to stay active, try an online training session. I will show you the exercises that are right for you, keep an eye on your execution via camera and correct your movements.

  • Technical requirements:

All you need is a computer or laptop with an active internet connection. Please tell me if you want to use Skype, Facetime, Zoom or whatever program.


1 session à 50 min

€ 100,–

10 sessions à 50 min

€ 900,–