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Online Training Sessions Saves you Costs

Via the online fitness program, I can also invite people who do not live in my immediate vicinity to exercise. I offer you similar training effects. You can take part in my training program anytime, anywhere. Just tell me when the best time is for you to get fit and stay healthy.

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Online Personal Training

  • Individual or group training classes
  • Individuell tailored to your level
  • Coaching and supervision via HD camera
  • Designed for individual home (office-) training
  • On holiday
  • In case of illness
  • For acute individual needs

  • Online training saves travel costs: One of the advantages of online personal training is that it saves you the time to get to the training location. You not only save valuable time here, but also money at the same time.
  • The program will be customized according to your needs: You will surely have found online trainings on several other websites or on youtube. These workouts are not designed specially for you. These online programs are intended for anyone and everyone, so they certainly do not suit YOU.
  • Content of the Online Personal Training: The content of this training is tailored to your needs and wishes. If you want to stay active, try an online workout. I will show you the exercises that are right for you, keep an eye on your execution via camera and correct your movements.
  • Technical requirements: All you need is a computer or tablet with an active internet connection. Even a cell phone would do. Having a camera built in would be great so I can control your movements. Please tell me if you want to use Skype, Facetime, Zoom, Google Meet or whatever program you want.

Relaxed atmosphere

Many people also choose online training because they can train here in a familiar environment. This is particularly useful for people who are dissatisfied with their own body. At home you don’t feel annoyed by other looks and can train in peace.

Lukas M.
The online personal training with Alfredo is very varied and efficient - combined with a lot of fun. It is an absolute asset to my fitness and health. I don't lose any travel time and just need my mat and a few straps.

Lukas M.
Professional soccer player
Claudia E.
For me, a great advantage of online personal training with Alfredo is that I not only save the costs of a fitness center, but also the annoying travel expenses and thus of course time. I open my notebook and can start immediately. A great thing.

Claudia E.
Business consultant
Sarah M.
I am not in Vienna for several days every week for work. Through the online personal training with Alfredo, I can organize my training with him effectively even when I'm not in Vienna. Conclusion: motivation, control and first-class feedback via online training.

Sarah M.
Medical doctor
Philip O.
To be completely honest - before the first virtual personal training I was very skeptical ... After the first 'digital' unit, I have to say that I am thrilled. We were able to train effectively and it is an ideal complement to personal training on site. I am in Switzerland a lot for work, so I can continue my training.

Philip O.
Engagement Manager