Alfredo Scarlata

Sports scientist, Personal Trainer, and Lifestyle Coach

I am Mag. Alfredo Scarlata, a renowned sports scientist, personal trainer, and lifestyle coach based in Vienna. With a degree in sports science and a focus on prevention, recreation, and regeneration, I have extensive expertise and years of experience in the fields of fitness, nutrition, injury prevention, and rehabilitation.

Born and raised in Upper Austria, I now reside in the vibrant city of Vienna with my wife Barbara and our three children. Through my passion for sports and health, I have found my calling to assist people in achieving their individual fitness goals and leading a healthy lifestyle.

As a personal trainer and lifestyle coach, I work closely with my clients, regardless of their fitness level. I provide personalized personal training and lifestyle coaching, both in-person sessions and online. My focus lies in healthy and sustainable weight loss, relieving back pain, as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation.

A holistic approach to the individual is essential to me. Therefore, I collaborate closely with doctors and physiotherapists to offer my clients the best possible care. My comprehensive approach encompasses not only physical training but also nutrition, stress management, and mental strength.

Through my professional expertise and compassionate coaching, I have already helped many people achieve their fitness goals, recover from injuries, and lead a healthy and fulfilling life. My aim is to inspire and motivate people to bring out the best in themselves and lead an active, happy, and healthy life.

In my leisure time, I enjoy spending time with my family, engaging in sports myself, and constantly seeking new knowledge and trends in the sports and health industry to continually expand my knowledge and provide the best possible care to my clients.

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