Body analysis

Precise body analysis for targeted training

body analysis
Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) for accurate body composition

Precise body analysis – Explore the diversity of your health data

Discover your actual body weight of fat and its ratio to your total body weight. This is an important indicator of health and allows for targeted adjustments to nutrition and training.

Learn the weight of your muscles and their significance for your metabolism and fat burning. Higher muscle mass promotes effective weight loss and supports the preservation of strength and mobility.

Obtain information about the proportion of body water in relation to your total body weight. A healthy fluid balance in the body is essential for bodily functions and metabolism.

Learn about the amount of fat accumulated around vital organs in the abdominal cavity. A high proportion of visceral fat increases the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and other health issues.

Gain insights into the weight of bone minerals in your body. A healthy bone mass is essential for stability, mobility, and the risk of osteoporosis as you age.

Body analysis

BIA technology for accurate measurements


Measurement of body composition and more than ten different assessments.


Clear presentation of your health data for comprehensive analysis.


Helpful information for adjusting nutrition, training, and lifestyle.

Precise Body Analysis for Your Customized Training

Book your personalized measurement now and optimize your fitness program


Choose between a single body analysis or an annual package to track progress regularly and adjust the training plan. Start your journey towards improved body composition and health today.

Single measurement

per measurement
  • Comprehensive Body Analysis
  • Body Composition Measurement
  • Valuable Health Information
  • Expert Consultation and Interpretation

Annual Package

per year
  • Four measurements per year
  • Regular Progress Tracking
  • Targeted Training Plan Adjustments
  • Continuous Support and Guidance
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Why me?

As a sports scientist with over 20 years of experience in body analysis, I am an expert in optimizing training through precise measurements and comprehensive diagnostics. The body analysis provides valuable information about your body composition, including body fat percentage, muscle mass, and body water percentage. With this data, I can create customized training plans and adjust your training regimen to achieve maximum results. Let’s work together to take control of your training and reach your fitness goals.

Mag. Alfredo Scarlata

Sport Scientist & Personal trainer

Customer Testimonials and Success Stories

I have been training with Alfredo for over 6 months now, and I am more than satisfied. Thanks to his professional approach and extensive expertise, including regular body analysis, my back problems are almost gone! Thank you, Alfredo.
Florian Schicker
Mr. Scarlata is a professional trainer who tailors the training to individual wishes and goals. With the help of body analysis, he was able to mobilize my untapped strength and create effective training plans. A true expert who knows his craft!
Claudia Schubert
Alfredo is a fantastic personal trainer who has made my body more powerful. His expertise and the pleasant atmosphere during the training sessions, including regular body analyses, have completely satisfied me. I can only recommend him to anyone who wants to start their training journey.
Daniel Koch
Soccer player

Precise Body Analysis for Your Tailored Training

Book Your Personalized Measurement Now and Optimize Your Fitness Program

Frequently Asked Questions about Body Analysis

Answers to your most important questions about body composition analysis and its application in personal training

The body analysis with BIA technology is a method for measuring body composition. It involves sending weak electrical impulses through the body to obtain information about body fat percentage, muscle mass, water content, and other parameters.

Regular body analysis enables accurate monitoring of progress and changes in body composition. This allows personalized adjustments in personal training to achieve effective results.

A body analysis with BIA technology provides information about body fat percentage, muscle mass, water content, and metabolism. These data are interpreted by a trained expert to draw conclusions about health and fitness status.

The frequency of body analysis depends on individual goals and needs. Typically, regular assessments every 3-6 months are recommended to track changes and adjust the training accordingly.

A regular body analysis allows for precise monitoring of body composition and progress in training. It helps target fat reduction, muscle building, and overall health improvement.

The cost for a single measurement of body analysis using BIA technology is 90 Euros. We also offer annual packages for regular measurements, where the client receives a measurement every 3 months. The annual package costs 300 Euros.

Yes, the body analysis using BIA technology can be conducted remotely. The measuring device is portable, allowing for flexibility to perform measurements at different locations.

The body analysis using BIA technology provides important information about the individual’s body composition. This information can be used to tailor the training program to achieve the individual’s specific goals and improve overall health.