Vibration Massage

A deep and effective vibration massage that I can do at your home or in the office.

The advantages of a vibration massage at a glance

  • Promote metabolism
  • Lymphatic system is activated
  • Relief for sore muscles, muscle stiffness and muscle pain
  • Improve the suppleness of scar tissue
  • Relief for shoulder-neck syndrome, shoulder-arm syndrome
  • Relief for chronic back pain
  • Resolving tension headaches
  • Tennis or golf elbow

  • Accelerate and intensify the warm-up before training
  • General improvement of mobility and mobility
  • Elimination of tension and sticking in the connective tissue
  • Trigger point treatment
  • Achieve freedom from pain
  • Shorter regeneration times after stress
  • Improved blood circulation and faster healing after muscle injuries
  • Faster healing of tendon irritation

Who benefits from a vibration massage?

Not just athletes, coaches, supervisors and physiotherapists.
The vibration massage can be used to prepare for the physical exertion and to initiate the regeneration phase.
Not only athletes benefit from this – a short massage during everyday office life is a pleasant change for stressed office people.
You are constantly under high performance and time pressure and at the same time lack of exercise and usually with a poor sitting position. These are the best prerequisites for tension and muscular pain. With the vibration massager, the tension can be released in a matter of seconds. This not only promotes well-being, but also performance.

Areas of application of the massager

Vibration massage has long been used in sports to treat problems with the structures of the musculoskeletal system. They have also been used for a long time in training or preparing for competitions. The goal is to optimize the performance of the muscles by warming them up and preparing them for the upcoming load.
The processes support the relaxation and relaxation in the structures. At the same time, they are warmed up, making them smoother and more flexible. This creates ideal conditions for subsequent burdens.
Regeneration can be promoted by use after training or competition. In addition, this method can also be used to address specific problems, as can be seen in the following list.

Fußball Konditionstraining

Volume – how loud is a vibration massage?

Even at the highest performance, the volume is within a normal range.
This is also an important criterion for use in the workplace because the other employees are not bothered by noise.

Vibrationmassage Hammer

The vibration massage is not only intended for the optimization of athletic performance, but
also for the relief of complaints caused by stress and high workloads.

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