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Choose from these highly effective training methods:


Years of thinking about starting to run? The first competition in the sights? Learn the basics of running, run ABC and increase mileage.

Weight training

Training with dumbbells enjoys more and more popularity. Learn the most important exercises such as deadlifts, bench presses, squats.

Kettlebell Basics

Learn the most common exercises with the kettlebell and thus improve strength, posture and condition.

Fascial training

Exercise-therapeutic and sportive training method for targeted promotion of the properties of the muscular connective tissue, the fascia. Tensions dissolve and the performance is increased.

Fat Burning

Fatburning, HIIT … losing body fat through a workout is the goal of many. Learn exercises such as line jumping, burpees, jumping jacks, skipping, and much more. – So the kilos tumble by themselves.

TRX® Training

TRX® Suspension Training means three-dimensional training that enables everyday-oriented as well as sport-specific movement patterns. An effective full body workout in 20 minutes.