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Dr. Karin Dominik Fitness

My New Year’s resolutions for 2020
Harmony in all situations, being fit and light as a feather, optics optimization. Who should help me with this? After thorough research, I found Alfredo! The mix of effort and fun, I never thought before that fitness could be fun, convinced me. Then came the corona lockdown. But the fun and feedback alone was missing. My online units during this time got shorter and shorter … in the end I had reached 15 minutes. When all the fitness studios reopened it was clear to me: individual lessons with Alfredo put me on the right track. Since I travel back and forth between Vienna and Graz for work, there are a few hours online. That way I stay on the ball. In the meantime I have increased my training workload from 2 hours to 3 hours a week and I am happy, balanced and proud of myself.

Dr. Karin Dominik


sabine berglez personal training

I have been training with Alfredo for 8 months. A great asset for body and mind.
The training is often very demanding, but it has increased my well-being extremely. I feel fitter, more attractive and I am even more productive in my job.
Alfredo’s sunny temper forgives all torture and always makes you laugh. The training is perfectly complemented by stretching exercises, fascia and massage units at the end of each hour. His nutrition tips are equally enriching and helpful.
Through my work as a travel concierge, I am often traveling – here, too, he provides me with an optimal training program that can be easily implemented on the go.
Thank you for your support. It’s great that you’re there!

Sabine Berglez


Alfredo creates the training program always very demanding and varied. Since he helped me my back pain has resolved. He always gives me exercises that are challenging and brings me to my own limit, as well as broadening my knowledge of my muscles, body and healthy diet. After training, I always feel motivated. You can trust his skills and knowledge 100%.

Eszter Várdai

In my job as a headhunter I usually find the best people for my clients. With Alfredo I finally found the right coach for myself. After some initial overcoming the units with him quickly became a fixed part of the weekly plan. His motivating personality combined with a high level of competence and the right amount of pressure I needed led to a significant improvement in my physical fitness. The individual training is much more efficient than a visit to the fitness center and is much more fun. Conclusion: an absolute recommendation!

Martin Worsch


“I like working and training with you because you are an amazing professional, you are always very delicate but you also never give up and make me doing all the exercises even if I don’ want. We will continue working together, with you I’m sure I will have great results”.

Yusif Eyvazov

For over 15 years my personal trainer. Always up to date, very competent and motivating. Much accomplished by him and his humor and motivation as other hallmarks.

Barbara Heitger

I have known Alfredo for many years and really appreciate his competence in terms of fitness and his many years of experience. Alfredo convinces with his professional and sympathetic style. I feel very well looked after with him and I look forward to the training every time.

Alois Prutsch

Alfredo Scarlata is for me a special Premium Personal Coach, because for him the health, the goals, the needs and desires of the customer come first. I particularly like that Alfredo makes a multifaceted and demanding training with the customers. His individual wealth of ideas also distinguishes him.

His many years of experience is another quality feature of his competence! Thanks Alfredo.

Carmen Knor

I have known Alfredo for about 15 years, started with him when he was still a young coach. I had also tried other fitness trainers, but ended up with him because of his expertise in a holistic fitness program and his friendliness. He combines tailor-made training with fun. Can recommend him 100%.

Gerd Piber

Robert Kratky Fitness

So ingenious, functional or beautiful a fitness center equipped, furnished or located may be: At the end of the day, it is just the people who give the whole soul and meaning. My trainer, Alfredo Scarlata, was my contact person from start to finish. And like all passionate professionals, he understands his job, even beyond training hours or office hours to fill out. I also acknowledge that he not only has a heartfelt commitment to me, but above all masters his job, is constantly educated and always up to date. That’s how I felt from the beginning perfect and individually looked after.

Robert Kratky

Without a doubt my pulmonary embolism was the trigger for greater health and fitness awareness. This made me realize that sportiness and fitness are the basis for better health. Alfredo is my faithful companion. So I lost 20 kg.


Josef Pröll

Without my personal coach, Alfredo Scarlata, there would be little progress. I thank him every day. It has always been a secret wish to work with a personal trainer. How many times would I have skipped the training if I did not have a fixed hour with my trainer? I am totally happy with Alfredo and could not imagine a better one.

Eva Pölzl

Alfredo Scarlata and I have been training together for 2 years. There is no better personal trainer. Alfredo impresses with his sound knowledge in all areas of sports, nutrition, health, triggerpoint therapy, fascial and, of course, in fitness training. Add to that his empathy and his very pronounced social intelligence. I am thrilled and would recommend everyone this unique experience with the right trainer to gain access to the sport. Thank you for everything!

Aline Basel

Almost exactly 4 years ago, I started training after recommending a friend. In the beginning it was really lacking motivation and it was always a big overcoming. The patience and motivational words of Alfredo Scarlata have helped a lot. The ongoing measurements, which have shown that the changes in the body in terms of fat and muscle are in the right direction, have also helped.

Damian Izdebski

Mens sana in corpore sano … A healthy mind in a healthy body. It has been scientifically proven that physical fitness is associated with an increased intelligence quotient. I thank you for the continuous work on my heart and lung capacities and the optimal supply of oxygen … Every hour of sweat is worth gold. Best fitness coach ever !!!

Sabine Pfeffer

Super rehabilitation training and 4 weeks after surgery back to 100% load. The air is still missing a bit, but is sure to be back soon. Thanks Alfredo for your great support.

Marco Villard

I appreciate Alfredo’s professional and likeable way. The targeted back training helped me a lot as a musician. I’m looking forward to training every time.

Eszter Haffner

For a long time, I was convinced that I knew best what kind of training my body needed. Until about a year ago, Alfredo challenged me to get involved in personal training. Today I know: no matter how well you know your body, no matter if you already trained your whole life – if you want to get the most out of your body and the available, usually a bit short training time, you need a full professional. You are more motivated, trained more regularly, constantly getting new stimuli and seeing faster results.

Nina Fischer

Alfredo is considered one of the most important fitness trainers in Austria, became one of the leading private trainers in Austria and is responsible for the most famous bodies in the field of fashion, music, politics and industry. He also trained several Miss Austrias as well as Opinion Leader from politics and industry.

Magazin gesund & fit

Alfredo was recommended to me by friends. Very competent and professional. The training is always varied and purposeful. The fun is not too short, so the training goes by in flight. It is not for nothing that he is considered one of Vienna’s most experienced coaches.

Laura Müller

20 years experience as a personal trainer pays off. Alfredo deals individually with each customer. I got to know him as a member of John Harris and trained with him for a long time because I wanted to prepare for a run optimally. Clear recommendation! Any time.

Thomas Steger

Alfredo was recommended to me by friends who have already trained with him. His competent and humorous nature motivates me with every training. Even outside the personal training units, he is always available and there for me.

Simon Aigner

Alfredo the best off! Not only so said, since I train with him I am the best way to achieve my physical dream goal. He trains me really hard, knows my limits, knows when I’m cheating, because there’s still something going on and even motivates me at 7 clock in the morning when my head is still sleeping but my body has to ascend to top form. No training passes where I do not love it and hate it at the same time, but success speaks for itself. Already after 2 months I am fit as never before and my body is changing – in the right places and just as I wanted it.

Monika Koczi

Only a few weeks ago I felt totally uncomfortable in my skin. I felt spongy and it was very hard for me to lose kilos, although I eat a healthy diet and I’m actually at the wheel at least 30 times a week 30 times – so I thought …… .. Then I have Alfredo Scarlata at an event We knew each other about Biogena’s micronutrient coaching and talked about my problem. Already a few days after our conversation I started training with Penthouse Sports with Alfredo. At first it was tedious – because I had 0 condition, but after some training sessions with dead weight and correct heart rate, I felt like my tissue firmer and firmer and my condition was better. I feel a pleasant burning sensation from the inside after each workout and I finally feel my body again! Alfredo is very empathetic when designing the training plan and you always have the feeling that you have worked properly and hard on yourself, without being overwhelmed. At the end of the training session, I always enjoy the ice-whiff Penthouse Studios offers – a real boost for the immune system (just 3 mins) Thanks Alfredo for convincing me to work on me – it’s fun and good!

Babs Forcher

I have known Alfredo for only a few months and yet I find him to be a very knowledgable and wonderful trainer! He really cares about his clienst and connects them up to outside help if needed. Because of this; I am now seeing an amazing osteopath! I highly recommend Alfredo!

(Übersetzt von Google)
Ich kenne Alfredo nur für ein paar Monate und dennoch finde ich, dass er ein sehr sachkundiger und wundervoller Trainer ist! Er kümmert sich wirklich um seine Kunden und verbindet sie bei Bedarf mit externer Hilfe. Aus diesem Grund; Ich sehe jetzt einen erstaunlichen Osteopathen! Ich empfehle Alfredo sehr!

Gwen Preucil

Super competent and professional! He makes every training an experience! I would say the best coach in the city!

Andreas Zupancic

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MY PERSONAL TRAINER, Owner: Alfredo Scarlata (Registered business address: Austria), processes personal data only to the extent strictly necessary for the operation of this website. All details in the privacy policy.