SVS Gesundheitshunderter

The social insurance of the self-employed (SVS) supports all self-employed with the so-called “Gesundheitshunderter” in improving and optimizing their health.

The idea

Make an active contribution to your health – the SVS supports business people, farmers and new self-employed people with the “Gesundheitshunderter”!

The so-called health hundred refers to the following areas:

• Nutrition
• Move & Fitness
• Mental health
• Smoke free

MY PERSONAL TRAINER – Mag. Alfredo Scarlata is listed as a sports scientist in the “Exercise and Fitness” category as a qualified partner.



Are you an entrepreneur and would like to take advantage of the “Gesundheitshunderter”? Find out more about the requirements here:

• You are insured under the Gewerblichen Sozialversicherungsgesetz (GSVG) or Bäuerlichen Sozialversicherungsgesetz (BSVG).
• You choose between a program that has been quality-checked by the SVS or an individual program
• You invest at least 150 euros in your health and pay the bill in advance as normal. The MY PERSONAL TRAINER programs start at EUR 290.00. EUR 100 of this will be covered by social security.
• Then apply for a health hundred with a copy of the invoice at your regional office or online.
• The application for a health hundred is possible once a year.