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For more than 20 years, the sports scientist has been available to various media and TV stations for interviews and press work. The media appreciates its in-depth knowledge of fitness, sports and health. Here you will find selected press articles and also an eBook for free download.

Figure Training (gesund & fit Magazin, October 2019)

Butt plump, stomach flatter, legs tighter and arms leaner – who wants to achieve these body goals as quickly as possible, should put on a mix of high intensity and strength training. Fitness blogger Sara Dadic already swears by it. The workout was put together by personal trainer Alfredo Scarlata. With a mix of high-intensity interval training and targeted muscle-building training, she gradually formed her body as desired.

In her fitness home base – the “Vienna Marriott Health Club” – the Viennese shows a program for a feminine, firm, slim and strong body. Personal Trainer Alfredo Scarlata also reveals what is behind the successful workout and how the exercises are performed properly.

gesund&fit Vienna Marriott Hotel
gesund&fit Vienna Marriott Hotel

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