Choose the right package as you wish and start your healthier lifestyle today.


“Those who think they have no time to train,

will sooner or later have to find time for illnesses. “

1 Session


You want to try what it’s like to train with a personal trainer? You would like to have a session for a change in your training or an update of your training schedule? Then an individual lesson is just the right thing for you.

50 min. – € 150,–

5 sessions


You want to work intensively with a personal trainer for 2-4 weeks and have a clear goal in mind? Lose a few kilos before the wedding? Preparation for a competition or on vacation focus on sports and fitness? Then these 5 units are just right for you. Let’s do it!

5 x 50 min. – € 600,– (€ 120,– per unit)

10 sessions


Exercising regularly with a personal trainer is part of your lifestyle? Do you want to achieve the maximum, train effectively and safely with every training session? With this package you are guaranteed to reach your destination!

10 x 50 min. – € 1.000,– (€ 100,– per unit)

Monthly flat rate


Get the best input for your health and fitness with regular personal training units.

If you want to include personal training in your weekly schedule, then this package makes the most sense. Each unit is tailored to your needs and the sessions are varied. Annual contract.

1 x 50 min. per week – monthly € 380, – (€ 95, – per unit)

2 x 50 min. per week – monthly € 720, – (€ 90, – per unit)

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