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Question & Answer

Here are the answers to the most common questions.

Personal Training is only for the Rich and Beautiful?

No, every individual benefits from the work with a professional Personal Trainer. I work with VIPs and celebrities as well as with students and old people.

Is Personal Training expensive? Can I afford it?

What is your health worth to you? At the latest, when you are ill, you will find that health and fitness is priceless. How much you want to invest in your health is entirely up to you.

What do you do in a personal training session?

The content of a personal training unit is based on your goals. Back pain has other contents than weight loss.

Do I need a membership in a fitness club to start with personal training?

No, I look after about half of my clients at home. The membership fee, parking space search and shared showers will be dropped off here. You can concentrate entirely on training in your own premises.

Is there any extra charge if a personal trainer comes to my home?

If come to your home for a personal training session there is a call-out-charge of EUR 20,— within Vienna. If you live outside of Vienna I will send you a special offer.

How many times a week should I book a coach?

This varies depending on the athletic history and your goal. Most customers book me 2-4x per week to get results quickly.

I had an injury and surgery some time ago. May I start with the training?

Basically, one should get from the family doctor a clearance for the sport before you start training. From the age of 35, I also recommend a sports medical examination with exercise ergometry before starting an intensive training. Better safe than sorry.