Body Measurement

Professional therapy and training begin with a precise body analysis

You too can benefit from a professional body measurement analysis


BMI was yesterday. The way from C to D via Body Measurement

It’s the inner values ​​that count!

Body weight alone doesn’t say much. A professional body analysis allows many valuable conclusions to be drawn about a person’s health and fitness status and enables suitable measures to be derived, such as adapting the diet or training.
The C-I-D principle is the simplest way to roughly analyze your own body composition at a glance. Because the weight alone says nothing about our fitness. Since the same volume of muscle mass weighs more than the same amount of fat, it happens that a very muscular person is overweight, according to the BMI. In contrast, weight is more important than the proportion of muscle mass and body fat. If the bar representing muscle mass is longer than that of the other two values, you can use it to form the letter “D”. For the InBody Check-Up, we therefore pay attention to: on the length of the bars in relation to each other.

The C type

A “C” stands for a weak physique – there is too little muscle and too much body fat for the current body weight.

The I type

An “I” stands for a balanced relationship between weight, muscle mass and fat mass.

The D type

A “D” stands for an athletic physique, since there is an above-average amount of muscles and relatively little fat in relation to body weight.

With holistic health advice to more success

The consulting concept consists of a cycle of control and training. This system promises measurable success, increased motivation and your satisfaction. Ideally, the body measurement takes place at regular intervals.

Corporate Health Management

Innovative solution in company health management

Healthy employees are more motivated, satisfied and productive in their work.
The entrepreneurial success therefore depends very closely on the health of the employees.
The check-up and body measurement can be quickly and easily integrated into company health management and can promote employee health.

    • Identify individual problems and health risks through the body composition analysis
    • Information about effective training, healthy eating and relaxation
    • Definition of individual goals for the employees
    • Offering suitable solutions (strength, cardio or circuit training) in the company’s own studio or through cooperation with nearby fitness providers
    • Group training or individual on-site personal training
    • Re-checks to make the health and preventive success of the employees visible and thereby motivate them to continue

Body Measurement